Hints, Pointers, and Tips 'O the Trade

Don't send your resume as an attachment. People looking to fill a position can receive hundreds of inquiries, and they're not going to bother to take the extra time to open and print out your resume. Put your resume in the body of the email, after your cover letter.
Writing Letters:
The RESUME & the Application Letter gives the prospective employer everything they
Would like to know about you.

You need to format your RESUME and Cover letter for the hard copy, which you may send.

1- While formatting leave adequate margins on all sides i.e., top bottom, left and right.

2 - The lay out should be neat and visually pleasing.

3 - The first block on the left of the letter would be the Employers Address.

A It would be better to call up the advertiser and get to know the name of the person who is to receive the letter. Check the spelling. Check it again read out aloud and confirm it. If you do not have a name, if the advertisement gives you no salutation, print ‘The Advertiser’ or ‘The Personnel Manager’.

B The title of the employers name can be abbreviated like a Mr. Or Dr. If it is a woman you are addressing, use ’Ms’. Most of the other forms would be a Mrs. or a Miss.

It is a Ms. Laxmi and a Dr. Vinod Kumar and NOT Dr. Vinod Kumar MBBS.

The Introduction:
You identify yourself, the position you are applying for and how you came to know about it.
The Body:
You mention about your knowledge, your experience and your desire to work for the company and any of your knowledge about the company.
The Conclusion:
You indicate the enclosed contents of the RESUME and finish with a request. You may also be proactive and inform that you would call back say in a week or ten days time to follow up your application. You request for an interview.
The Ending
It is ideal to close the letter with ‘yours sincerely’ and ‘with regards’ / ‘warm regards’ ONLY when you know the employer.

The Signature Block

You put your signature here. Ideally two lines below the ending of the letter. Beneath your signature your name should be printed legibly. Ideally with the first letters of your name in capitals e.g. A. Ram Kumar but not Mr. A. Ram Kumar. (You never introduce yourself with a Mr. / Ms / Dr. Etc.,)

Check the RESUME for spelling mistakes before enclosing. The enclosure should be mentioned in the cover letter.

After your name leave two lines space and type : ‘Enclosure’. You may also type
‘Encl.:’ my RESUME or simply RESUME.