Why Cover Letter ?

It was always a bugging question in many candidates' minds that “why” a cover letter is needed when résumé has everything in it. Here is something that you can discover about the importance of a cover letter. Please Read More..

Hmm.. Cover Letter? ..in simple words to Uncover! To reveal more about your profile and / or yourself. To create interest in a recruiter's mind to look deep into your CV. To say it in a Chef's words “icing a cake or decorating a recipe to set the foodie's mood right.” Less required to mention that the recipe is your résumé and the foodie is the interviewer.

When you are applying for something or simply seeking some information from somewhere, adding an appropriate cover letter will always be at your advantage. Very particularly, when it comes to Job applications your résumé serves as a fact sheet that presents your educational and / or employment data. Mostly, your résumé answers the questions that starts with “WHAT”s and “WHERE”s! Like “what is your knowhow?” “what has been accomplished so far?” “what are your abilities?” “where do you stay” and “where you have graduated” .. and so on.

An important question still remains unanswered in the recruiter's brain. WHY? Here comes the cover letter for your rescue. Your cover letter is a powerful tool to uncover a few things that you can not otherwise do it through your CV or résumé. Like “why are you interested in that particular job role?” “why are you attracted towards that particular organisation?” and “why and how your anticipated remuneration justified?” etc,.

Wrap up your résumé with an effective cover letter. Get a quick job call!